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Even if you're not a native English speaker, this treasure hunt is accessible to all. Please note, that this ready-to-use treasure hunt is not for professionals. For a tailor-made treasure hunt, created just for you, whether you're a professional or an individual, contact us here.

Your goal : Get together with friends or family and enjoy a treasure hunt through some of Strasbourg's most beautiful spots. By solving a variety of riddles and mysteries, follow the trail to a secret location where the treasure awaits ! If your curious and smart enough, you'll be guided through the old town, (re)discovering Strasbourg and making it a unique experience.


• Location & duration : Right in the heart of Strasbourg, in the city's most beautiful and unusual setting. Departure from the Tourist Office, Place de la Cathédrale, for 1h45 to 2h35 of play depending on your level (from expert to novice).


• Players : Between 2 and 10 adventurers maximum (the adventure is optimal between 4 to 8 players) aged 11 and over. As the level of the puzzles varies, adventurers aged 11 to 16 must be accompanied by one or more adults.


Material : The adventure is played on paper (no digital except to scan 2 QR codes - if you won't have internet access, remember to download the game aid you received with your reservation). Beautiful sealed envelopes, a large old map of Strasbourg, a notebook and pen, a mysterious wheel, etc. : everything you need will be provided for you, and you can keep it after your adventure.


Treasure : At the end of your adventure, the clever ones will have discovered the secret code name that will allow you to take part in the big annual draw. Each time, 2 groups of adventurers will receive a part of the generous booty !


• Practical informations :


- Your reservation is for the day you pick up your starter pack. You are then free to play whenever you like, on that day or later. Withdrawal is only available during Strasbourg Tourist Office opening hours


- In case of difficulty, you'll have a game aid with you, offering help and solutions for each of the 12 riddles.


- For those wishing to get to know the city better, tourist, unusual or cultural informations will be provided during your adventure.



How to proceed ?


1 ) Reserve your places below: 1 ticket = 1 adventurer, select the total number of people in the team. The price per person is degressive.

2 ) You'll receive a confirmation email with all your booking details, which you'll need to present on D-Day at the Strasbourg Tourist Office in exchange for your adventure starter pack.

3 ) And off you go through the city ! Head for the secret final location, where you'll be able to fill in the code name you've discovered along the way.

This ready-to-use treasure hunt is not for professionals. Please contact us here.

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