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Quest and Fox is a team of passionates whose aim is to offer experiences that are as high-quality as they are unifying ! Our company, 100% made in Alsace, offers unique treasure hunts for all tastes.




Le concept



For whom, for what ?

Birthdays, seminars, team-building events, stag and hen parties, celebrations, going-away parties, [...] or just for fun : this adventure lends itself to a wide range of occasions. To give as a gift or to treat yourself : these quests are always an original surprise that will create bonds and unique memories. Whatever the context, we'll make it happen! 


You can contact Quest and Fox for third parties (friends, colleagues, team, customers, family, lovers, students, etc.) as well as for yourself (in which case we'll contact your nearest and dearest, who'll become accomplices in your quest so that it's tailor-made for you).

Treasure hunts can be enjoyed solo, accompanied or in a group.

What are our adventures like?

In the city or elsewhere, depending on demand (home, business, neighborhood, etc.), the hunters follow the trail of the treasure, solving each of the enigmas carefully designed and hidden just for them, all the way to their booty! The loot can take many forms, and here are some examples of past adventures: handcrafted baskets, surprise birthday parties, certificates of achievement, drinks in a hidden bar, surprise weddings, Strasbourg goodies, etc. It's up to you to choose the final bouquet, from the simplest to the craziest, taken care of either by yourself or by Quest and Fox.


Exploration, observation, logic and communication will be your greatest assets for this cohesive and challenging game entirely dedicated to you !


Here, we reveal the 3 steps from your first contact to the big D-Day ! 

"Tailor-made" ?

For us, tailor-made means 100% unique. That's why our adventures are not simply personalized, but designed and created specifically for your event and group.


No two treasure hunts are the same.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the elements we take into account when designing the routes and puzzles for our customized treasure hunts: 

length of game - location - geographical limitations - schedules (timing, [...]) - disabilities or restrictions - age and general level - event involved - type of game (collaborative, competitive or semi-collaborative) - number of teams - team composition (who are our adventurers) - history of the group (and company) - specific places or people to include - objectives of this adventure - etc.


What's more, each of our adventures is hand-prepared by our passionate team, making them as immersive as they are qualitative. For example, we can add your logo, photos, colors, first names, universe, etc.



Déroulement de l’aventure

A Treasure Hunt is an investigative game in which, from enigma to enigma, one or more people follow the trail in an attempt to find a secretly hidden precious treasure. To create this adventure from scratch, here's what happens between the signing of the quote and the D-Day of the adventure.


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You contact us and become our privileged partner in this adventure. If you'd like it to be a complete surprise, you can put us in touch with your friends and family. At this step, we talk about the adventurers and the context (location, duration, atmosphere, special features, etc.). You'll have the opportunity to fill in a detailed questionnaire and tell us all about your expectations, so that we can tailor your event to your needs.

We design the route and the various riddles, paying particular attention to the various elements you've shared with us. Each element is created by hand by our passionate team. Quality and immersive rendering are two of our top priorities. Each treasure hunt has its own signature.

That's it, it's D-Day. Our team takes charge of setting up the riddles in the field and with the people, partners and structures involved. A few days earlier, we give you or drop off (ex : at your reception desk) all the equipment you'll need for the start of your adventure. At the appointed time, you'll then open your materials, including the first riddle and all the details needed to complete your quest. So you're 100% autonomous and free in this adventure. In case of difficulty, a game aid will give you a helping hand to progress. Now it's your turn to play !



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